Self-Love Rituals

2019 began with an eclipse in Capricorn, and throughout the year it has awakened consciousness. Many things that were typical, established, will no longer be so, changes in patterns, beliefs, habits occur.


THE ECLIPSE on December 26, especially for Capricorns, is like a REBORN.

Intention rituals, carrying stones: Do it Monday and Tuesday, Friday, Saturday.

Wednesday and Thursday: rest, reflection, meditation, AHA! Moments.


It occurs at the same time as the solar eclipse. Super powerful, we must take advantage of that energy to establish our intention, which coincides with your new year's resolution.

Intention with the new moon in Capricorn

The power of intention is to align all vibration on a goal.

I intend to ……… (time) (purpose) with clarity and attention. Let's be specific and plan so that that intention and goal can be met. If we are ambiguous, ambivalent, doubtful, the universe will respond to us in the same way.


Time for DETOX.

Try not to overdo it with food and alcohol, drink plenty of water, aromatic waters, coconut water, avoid excess sugar.

Bath with salts: marine, Epsom and essential oils of lavender and roses to raise vibration and bergamot and jasmine to energize us.

DETOX SPACES: clean your spaces, get rid of what you no longer use or serve, donate clothes, etc. Use palo santo or a spray bottle with water and essential oils such as mint and eucalyptus or frankincense. You can also use holy water to bless your home or workplace.

Light a candle, take out your quartz. To clean them: put them in salt water under the sun and then under the moon.

EMOTIONAL DETOX: rest mentally, stop thinking about the same thing, obsessing over an idea or thought. Do activities that relax you and make you feel happy and grateful for life. Surround yourself with positive people who do not lead you into negative situations or conversations or who do not contribute to you. Avoid gossip! Take a break from social media if necessary.


Be grateful every day for at least 1 thing. You can recount the year and be grateful for all the wonderful things you received, for all the good things you have, for all the learnings and lessons. If you did what I did, the gratitude piggy bank, you can read everything you wrote down at the end of the year or these days after the eclipse.


Solstice in Capricorn (occurred on Saturday the 21st)

Energy concentration with a Capricorn climax: Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn that occurs every 12 years. Then comes the solar eclipse in Capricorn this December 26. It's early, south node, and it's the only eclipse that has Jupiter in it. When the solstice and the eclipse occur at the same time, it means that big changes are coming in the Capricorn zone. It does not mean that you have to eliminate everything from that area, but that you have to work on it, improve it, etc. It is time to sow a seed with a lot of power.

From the 26th, there are 6 excellent months until July 5, 2020, with a lot of growth, where all these changes will begin to be implemented.