Bridal veil translucent powder
Bridal veil translucent powder
Bridal veil translucent powder
Bridal veil translucent powder
Bridal veil translucent powder
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Bridal veil translucent powder

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Translucent powder for the face (does not provide coverage or color, just balance of tones).

  • Smoothes the appearance of pores.
  • Sets the makeup. Use it at the end of makeup to give it a silky, long-lasting matte finish.
  • Matifies. Using after sunscreen helps keep shine in check.

Bridal Veil is an ultra-light facial powder composed of natural ingredients that will benefit your skin if it is SENSITIVE.

✔️ rice powder: they say it's Asian women's best kept secret. It has lightening action, antioxidant effects, providing luminosity and evening out skin tone. It is soothing, rich in vitamin B, ideal for sensitive skin, with acne due to its exfoliating action thanks to pytic acid that helps remove dead cells. 

✔️ Zinc oxide: It is an essential mineral that contributes to cell development by participating in the synthesis of protein and collagen. Helps reduce inflammation and relieve redness. Maintains skin moisture. Healing and antibacterial.

✔️ Kaolin (white clay): sebum-regulating, it also exfoliates the skin by absorbing impurities. Moisturizing and soothing. Softens the skin.

✔️ Allantoin: natural healing agent, helps eliminate stains due to its exfoliating effect. Cellular regenerator and repairer, helps eliminate dead cells from the skin, facilitating their detachment, providing a luminosity effect.

20g. Net weight 5g.


* The refills come in a glass container like the clay masks. Opt for this option if you already have the powder dispenser container.

100% natural

Vegan & Cruelty-free PETA certified

Handmade in Ecuador

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