#nofilter hydrating concealer
#nofilter hydrating concealer
#nofilter hydrating concealer
#nofilter hydrating concealer
#nofilter hydrating concealer
#nofilter hydrating concealer
#nofilter hydrating concealer
#nofilter hydrating concealer
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#nofilter hydrating concealer

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We think about sensitive skin that seeks products that provide deep and not just apparent benefits. For women who have this type of skin, daily life becomes complicated if we do not have makeup without irritating chemicals that prevents inflammation and discomfort at the end of the day.

This soft concealer with light to medium coverage will nourish your skin, leaving it very soft (without a greasy effect) thanks to the antioxidants of SQUALANE, vitamin E and its repairing and regenerating properties as well as Allantoin and lavender essential oil that They will fight free radicals.

It contains Zinc oxide and kaolin (white clay) which is soothing, helps improve acne, retains moisture and provides protection against UV rays 🌞 (it is not considered a sunscreen but helps protect the skin by reinforcing the sunblock of your preference). It also contains mineral pigments, jojoba, coconut and castor oil, which is anti-inflammatory. Lavender oil🌸 gives it a soft fragrance, added to its calming and anti-stress effect.

Use it to correct blemishes, dark circles or even as a foundation with a damp sponge. Apply it with your fingers, brush or sponge. Seal it with translucent powder like our BRIDAL VEIL.

There are 6 colors that you can get in individual 8g presentations.

🌻NUDE BEIGE: for dark circles on light to medium skin tone. Yellow pigmentation.

🌸PINK BEIGE: dark circles on light skin, or to illuminate light to medium skin tones. Pink pigmentation.

TIP: Also use it in areas you want to illuminate such as around the mustache, dark circles and as a primer on the eyelids.

🍐GREEN: for red spots such as pimples or rosacea

🍌YELLOW: for medium to dark dark circles and to illuminate all medium to dark skin

🍑PEACH: for very dark circles, hyperpigmentation and to illuminate dark skin.

🌰CONTOUR: to give depth and volume to the face and as a tanning effect. To correct light spots on dark skin.


Nude beige - green - yellow - peach - pinkish beige.

**products may show imperfections due to their artisanal process. This is its freshness and the avoidance of lead contamination from the industrial process. 💖

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