Anti-acne pimple control serum with Bakuchiol + BHA
Anti-acne pimple control serum with Bakuchiol + BHA
Anti-acne pimple control serum with Bakuchiol + BHA
Anti-acne pimple control serum with Bakuchiol + BHA
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Anti-acne pimple control serum with Bakuchiol + BHA

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For acneic, oily, young and mature skin!

Gel lotion WITHOUT OILS, but with moisturizers, emollients and humectants that will protect and strengthen the skin barrier, avoiding irritation.


BHA (1% salicylic acid): antimicrobial, exfoliating, deep cleans the pore. Helps prevent breakouts due to clogging of debris, sebum or impurities. Improves the appearance of pore size and helps other active ingredients penetrate better. Smoothes skin texture, promotes cell regeneration.

BAKUCHIOL: is the so-called “natural retinol”. It acts like retinol, promoting cell regeneration, preventing premature aging. Softens and prevents blemishes and expression lines. Promotes collagen production. Much better tolerated in more sensitive skin. Reduces lesions caused by acne and improves skin tone. It is the original BAKUCHIOL, the only one approved and produced by the Syntheon company in the USA.

RESVERATROL: antioxidant, firming, prevents and softens spots and scars caused by acne (reduces follicular keratinization) and photoaging, promotes collagen synthesis and cell regeneration. Reduces bacteria that causes acne (P. Acnes).

NIACINAMIDE: stimulates collagen synthesis, reduces redness, expression lines and increases the production of ceramides. Regulates sebum production and improves the appearance of pores.

VITAMIN C: we use a stable form of vitamin C, antioxidant with lightening power, prevents hyperpigmentation and UV damage. Promotes collagen synthesis.

LICORICE ROOT EXTRACT: antioxidant, soothing, prevents and softens stains.

HYALURONIC ACID and PANTHENOL: hydrating, moisturizing, protects the skin barrier, softens expression lines. It will help you avoid irritation due to the exfoliating action of salicylic acid.

SEA KELP: hydrating, moisturizing, prevents premature aging, soothes the skin and strengthens the skin barrier.

Use: It is recommended to use it at night, but it can also be used during the day after cleansing, before sunscreen. At night after cleansing and toning the face, if the skin is combination with very dry areas, you can continue with the luna elixir facial oil or skin recovery moisturizing cream for greater hydration, if necessary.

It is not photosensitive (it is still recommended to use sunscreen daily)

100% natural

PETA Certified

It does not contain fragrances, its smell is characteristic of its natural components.

*Does not contain pigments, its color may vary due to its natural components.

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