Illuminate Depigmenting and Exfoliating Serum
Illuminate Depigmenting and Exfoliating Serum
Illuminate Depigmenting and Exfoliating Serum
Illuminate Depigmenting and Exfoliating Serum
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Illuminate Depigmenting and Exfoliating Serum

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Ideal for combination, oily, mature, dry, hyperpigmented skin.

Contains 10% alpha hydroxy acids: 8% glycolic and 2% lactic to gently exfoliate. Helps soften spots caused by age, sun, acne, also in dark skin, without causing discoloration. AHAs also help smooth fine lines, promote cell regeneration and collagen synthesis, and improve the appearance and texture of the skin.

Sea Buckthorn extract (5%) and licorice extract are antioxidants, helping to lighten tone while calming and hydrating the skin to prevent irritation.

Rice and pea polypeptides have depigmenting and anti-aging power by stimulating the synthesis of hyaluronic acid.

Contains 3 types of hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, licorice and aloe vera.

Licorice also helps prevent the formation of new spots by dispersing skin pigment and inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase responsible for the formation of melanin in the skin.


  • Depigmenting
  • Clarifying
  • Anti-aging
  • Antioxidant and anti-pollution
  • It improves skin texture
  • Refines pores
  • Helps prevent breakouts

Use: At night after cleansing and moisturizing, apply 2-3 drops and massage until absorbed. Follow with moisturizer (oil or cream). Do not combine with other products that contain exfoliating acids, retinol or vitamin C. Use 2-3 times a week and then increase according to skin tolerance. Use 50+ broad spectrum sunscreen during the day since AHAs can create greater sensitivity to the sun and UV rays. Do not use around the eyes or lips. Pregnant and lactating women consult with their doctor.

You may feel a tight, redness or tingling sensation on the skin for a few minutes after application. If the sensation persists, discontinue use.

A purging effect (breakouts) could occur in the first weeks, due to the more accelerated exfoliation that occurs in the skin, so it is recommended to start little by little so that its exfoliating effect is slower.

As maintenance: use once a week as an exfoliant.

Amber glass dropper container 35 ml 1.18 fl oz, 15 ml 0.5 fl oz and 10ml.


It does not contain fragrances, its smell is characteristic of its natural components.

*Its color may vary due to its natural components, between a brown-yellow tone to a transparent tone.

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