5 Benefits of Epsom Salts

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Epsom salts have long been used for the benefits of its main component: magnesium sulfate. They have usually been used for immersion baths, as well as exfoliation and now also in the fun Bath bombs.

Its main health benefits are:

1 Anti-inflammatory

It reduces inflammation, especially muscle, and helps avoid or relieve cramps and pain caused by exercise, contractures or some chronic disease with arthritis or tendonitis.

2 Relaxing

Magnesium is an excellent relaxant, not only muscle relaxant but also a de-stresser.

3 Helps you sleep better

Being relaxing, it will help you fall asleep and make it more restful.

4 Detoxifying

Magnesium sulfate is a chelator that helps detoxify your body of heavy metals. Immerse yourself in a bath with salts for 20 minutes.

5 Eliminates electromagnetic energy

By simply rubbing the salt on your wet skin as an exfoliant, you will obtain this benefit, cleansing your body of this energy from electronic devices such as cell phones, televisions, and computers.

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